Therapeutic Massage and MediCupping Therapy

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 Marisa Sabin   LMT, CMP


  As a graduate of The Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I have been providing care by means of Muscular Therapy  for ten years.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, nationally certified, and adhere to the American Massage Therapy Association's Code of Ethics.  I am also a Certified MediCupping Practioner.

  Here at Massage of Naples, I provide treatments to those in acute and chronic pain, as well as those who incorporate "maintainance massage" into their healthy lifestyles. 

  My goal is to listen to you and arrive at an effective plan to work into the time frame of your massage visit.  My most requested treatment is the Muscular Therapy Treatment. During this treatment, various massage techniques and stretches are used throughout the session to release tight, sore and "stuck" areas of complaint.  MediCupping can also be used during this treatment to improve mobility of joints and rehydrate dehydrated tissue.  With these methods, you can expect to receive a professional, consistently effective and unique treatment every time you schedule your appointment.

I believe in the practices of Massage and MediCupping.  It is with these specific, effective techniques, I have seen athletes with less incidence of injury, persons with injuries become pain-free, and those with illness find comfort. It is with pride and respect that I provide assistance to help you reach your wellness goal.  


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